.Net Core [1]

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NetCore-S01E01 Introduction to .net core

Java Programming Language [7]

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JAVAS01E01 - Introduction to Java Programming Language

JavaS01E02 - Java forms, Textbox, button and Calculator Part 1

JavaS01E03 Calculator part 2, math operation, If , Float

JavaS01E04-Configuring Form Designer for Java in Eclipse

JAVAS01E05 - Connecting Java to SQL Server in Eclipse

JAVAS01E06 Inserting, updating and deleting data on SQL Server using Java on Netbeans

JAVAS01E07 – Inserting, updating and deleting data in SQL Server using NetBeans Part2

Python [7]

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PYS01E01-Installing and Configuring Python and Visual Studio Code

[PYS01E02] Installing Python and Visual Studio 2017

PYS01E03-Strings and String Operations in Python

Python Numeric Data Types and Math Operations [PY-S01E04]

Python List, Tuples and Sets [Py-S01E05}

Python Dictionary [Py-S01E06]

Drawing with Turtle in Python [PY-S01E07]